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Why the Royal Rooftop Lounge is unlike anything you’ve seen.


A lot of people hear the term “lounge” and either think of it as just another bar or imagine a dark, boring space that older people frequent. The truth is that neither of those scenarios is accurate.

A lounge has many advantages over a traditional bar. Most of them host a young, hip and attractive crowd that wants to unwind without the noise and irritation that comes along with bar-hopping.

If you’re still not convinced that you should choose a lounge over a bar, you will be after reading our list of the top seven reasons a lounge outshines your favorite pub.


In general, the people who choose to visit the Royal Rooftop lounge are of a different temperament than those who prefer a pub or traditional bar scene. People at a bar are there to drink, and this usually means they’re looking for a loud, intense, party-type atmosphere.

The Royal Rooftop Lounge offers a much more elegant, intimate ambiance that allows you to truly relax and enjoy your experience regardless of whether you’re there with friends or by yourself. Lounges also tend to attract a more interesting mix of people.


There’s certainly a time and place for visiting a noisy bar or rowdy pub. Sometimes, you just want to blow off some steam with buddies or feel the excitement of watching a sports game live with a bunch of other fans. However, that can wear thin if you’re not a constantly boisterous person.

Traditional pubs and bars attract all types, and anyone with bar experience knows that means lots of noisy, obnoxious drunks. Nothing ruins a fun evening out faster than being forced to deal with drunk people stumbling around and carrying on too-loud conversations.

This is another advantage that lounges have over bars. You can enjoy wine and cocktails, but it’s uncommon to have the night overshadowed by drunks having too much fun at the expense of everyone around them. In addition, there are usually fewer people in a lounge overall, so you don’t have to worry about being crammed into an uncomfortably hot space with too many people.


Everyone has their “guilty pleasure” music and a lot of times that music is something trendy on the radio at the moment. However, unless you’re specifically going to a dance club, chances are good that you’re not interested in enduring a night full of trendy, pulsating radio singles that all sound the same.

Traditional bars are forced to cater to the masses, which means that they’re almost always blaring whichever radio station mix is most popular at the moment. Not only does this make it hard to have conversations or get to know people, but it can start to grate on anyone’s nerves after a while.

The Royal Rooftop Lounge is able to be more selective about the music they play, and many times they even offer sophisticated live music nights that are able to set up a much more pleasant soundtrack to whatever the evening brings your way.


When you’re at a regular bar, there’s usually not much seating space. Typically, whatever limited seating is available is awkward or uncomfortable. This is partly to accommodate as many patrons as possible, but it’s also to keep people moving and buying drinks. Neither of these things is very conducive to having a low-key or relaxing evening out.

This is a key difference between pubs and lounges. The Royal Rooftop lounge offers seating that is attractive, plush and spacious so that you can spread out and sit comfortably for longer periods of time.


Some bars are “themed” and will have decor that reflects the theme. Sports bars usually have jerseys and memorabilia on display, and craft beer pubs may have a rustic aesthetic, but the overall vibe of the place is the same regardless of what’s on the walls. Bars exist to sell you drinks and keep you moving, which means that they don’t put a lot of time or effort into the overall feel of the room.

In a lounge, the opposite is true. Lounge owners understand that they’re catering to a different crowd, so they put a lot of thought and consideration into even the smallest details. They add visual interest with LED light displays, intriguing textures, unexpected color combinations and little touches at each table. Lounges are all about ambiance and experience.


Bars definitely have their place in the nightlife scene, but if you’re looking for a more unique, exciting experience, you should grab your friends and try out the Royal Rooftop Lounge lounge instead. You can enjoy a relaxing evening meeting interesting, like-minded singles without the hustle and frenetic energy of a pub or a dance club.